Curtain Call

Aren’t fabrics fabulous? They are the woven materials that themselves weave together many different elements in a room. They can provide subtle background colors and textures to show off furniture and accessories, or take center stage with bold patterns and hues that create the themes and feelings of a space. Throughout history, people have used fabrics to enhance and beautify their dwellings. Curtains and drapes represent one of the main ways fabrics feature in our homes now. Originally used to cover window spaces for insulation before the invention of glass, draperies stayed on as means of increasing warmth, providing privacy and making windows more sumptuous, elegant or dramatic. Fashions in window treatments come and go, but the desire to frame, soften or embellish windows in some way seems to remain constant, even in many of the most contemporary interiors. I think it springs from our instinct around the transition from indoors to out—making the passage from one to the other more graceful and meaningful.

And then of course there’s the simple fun of pattern and color. We have several valances and sets of drapes at CCC right now—many custom made—that could brighten, adorn or dramatize a window or perhaps even an interior doorway or passage. Imagination is key in thinking about how you might use something like this. Take a look!

Here are two custom-made valances, both traditional but each different in personality. The plaid would be great at a breakfast-room window or in a guest bedroom. The floral valance sports a handsome rope trimming that makes it different and unusual. It would look lovely in a powder room or in a boudoir setting.


Here is an absolutely marvelous set of pelmets—a word that denotes a cornice or board construction to hide curtain rods rather than the hanging of fabric. They are Art Deco in feel but use a Native American motif to achieve their geometric precision. While obviously created for a specific set of windows, I know they are going to fit somewhere new perfectly.


These beautiful drapes with a valance in blue toile create an instant feeling of elegance, in a relaxed and country French way. I can see these in any number of living room settings. It might even be worth changing some paint or buying some new furniture to make them the focal point!


These drapes in a gold-and-cream print are traditional and nicely made—perfect for a bedroom or den.


Fabrics aren’t just for curtains, of course. Take a look at these chair coverings. First, this set of Renaissance Revival side chairs (there are four) are covered in cowhide! These handsome and dramatic chairs make a statement, yet their simplicity of design expresses good taste and refinement.


There are two of these chairs in the English Regency style with a gorgeous bird-of-paradise print on the backs and complementing plaid silk on the seats. Not for the faint-hearted, these are the kind of accent chairs that can make a room interesting, like it has something to say!


These are just a few of the eye-catching and fascinating things in the store right now. As always, new things are coming in every day, sending my imagination off in all kinds of directions about how they might look in new settings. Come in and see for yourself—it’s always a playground for ideas and dreams!



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Can Spring be Far Behind?

The fair, sunny days we enjoyed last week gave us a hint of spring. Although winter will be with us still, we know it’s winding down. We all look forward to spring, not just for the warmer weather, but, I believe, because it is the season of renewal. There’s something about spring we feel in our hearts—time for new beginnings! Over the years I’ve heard from countless consignors and customers about how good it feels to finally clean out an attic, garage or storage space, or to find something new and fresh that embellishes their lives. I was talking to a friend just the other day who was pondering the fact that he has been paying for storage for years for things that he has been holding onto because he loved them in the past and someday “might use them again.” Only he can know if the accumulated cost of storage is worth his attachment. Sometimes we cling to things because they remind of us of the past, but if we are not using them, seeing them, enjoying them, where exactly is that past? In our minds and hearts, just the same as it would be if the accumulated “stuff” weren’t sitting stored away somewhere. The tradition of “spring cleaning” has been a part of the human experience for a long time for a reason.

One of the best reasons to clean out the old is to make room for the new. There are so many exciting things at Classic City Consignment right now that I want to urge everyone to take a second look at all the things they may have been thinking about replacing and “get a move on!” Take a look at some of the wonderful items we have in the store right now and picture them in your home.

First I want to call attention to a magnificent pair of camelback sofas covered in emerald Shantung silk. This dramatic pair instantly makes any living room or seating area inviting and impressive at the same time. These need to be seen to be fully appreciated—they are a rare find. The handsome antique occasional table between them has a wonderful faux-marble painted top—a great accent piece.


Next, take a look at this charming small Queen Anne-style wing chair in a checked fabric (actually navy although it looks brown in the photo.) There is a pair of these and they would be perfect flanking a coffee table or fireplace.


These “ladder” bookshelves are simply super. Crafted from bamboo, they are lightweight but sturdy. I have told my friend they would be a great way for him to get his books out of storage, so don’t delay if they would be useful to you in the same way!


This country French rush-covered bench is as versatile as it is delightful. This bench could double as a coffee table, as shown here, sit at the foot of a bed or serve as an accent piece in a hallway. I have seen these used near back doors where they are a great help in the putting-on and taking-off of boots and galoshes.


Take a look at this fantastic sofa covered in the highest quality red leather. This sofa can “dress up” or “dress down” for a living room, den or TV/media room, adding color, vibrancy and warmth—to say nothing of comfort—wherever it goes.


Here’s another wonderful armchair, of which there is also a pair. Covered in lovely warm gold damask, these chairs, with their dramatically scrolled backs, can make a statement in a sitting area or at either end of a dining table.


For another touch of France, let’s pretend we’re in Paris this time and look at this bewitching little chaise longue. What a perfect accent in a bedroom or boudoir—or anywhere your imagination takes you!


This is just a taste of the many things in store for you right now at CCC—just a few of the many reasons you might want to think about clearing out the old to make room for the new! It’s a wonderful time to think about renewal and fresh starts, for as the poet said, “If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?”



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Can We Talk?

Let’s sit down with a cup of hot coffee or tea and chat. There are several coffee tables on consignment in the store and one of them is bound to be right for you. But first, I want to call your attention to a fantastic, once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity. If you have always wanted to own a beautiful dining room table of the highest quality, your dream table is waiting right now at Classic City Consignment. This stunning double pedestal table was crafted by Baker, one of the preeminent names in furniture making. Because it was made thirty years ago, it was crafted here in America. The table has two additional leaves and comes with its custom made surface pads. The top boasts a lush mahogany veneer with a burl maple surround. With both leaves in the table easily seats 12 and could even seat 14 with correctly sized chairs. If this is the kind of magnificent dining room centerpiece you’ve been wanting, hurry in. This amazing table will not spend a long time in the store.


Equally as fine a piece and as rare is this English breakfront.  This is a beautiful example of the cabinetmakers art and will give immediate distinction to any room in which it is placed.


Since we consolidated into our new location on Old Epps Bridge Road at the first of the year, Donald and I have been amazed at the increase in customers coming into the store. Over and over we hear, “it’s so much easier to park!” Both consignors and customers love the ease of bringing things in and taking them out using our loading dock. All this to say, the turnover rate is speeding up, so don’t delay if you see something you like! But, back to coffee tables…

We have a variety of types of coffee tables in stock. If you’ve been looking for a way to freshen up a conversation area, come in and look at all the options available at CCC! For starters, there is this handsome wrought iron and glass table. (Notice the incredible leather sectional sofa in the background—an amazing value for high quality leather).


Next, I’ll point out another table with a wrought iron base, but this has a beautiful marble top. Perfect for a slightly more formal setting.


This Chippendale-style table has a lovely finish and an expansive surface perfect for displaying books and magazines.


For a different, whimsical touch, think about using this Victorian occasional table as a tea table. Perfect for creating a note of period charm.


This striking coffee table, with a painted vine and wreath design and finished in antiqued black lacquer, also recalls Chippendale style with its handsome curved legs.


Behind each of these tables you will also see some of the striking and interesting sofas currently on display, as well as some of the decorative and accessory items available.   We have much, much more to explore, so I hope you will plan to stop by soon!

Just a reminder—our hours are Monday through Friday 10:30 a.m. — 5:30 p.m. and Saturday 11:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. We look forward to seeing you!



(Note: since the time of this post, the Chippendale-style wooden coffee table has flown out the door)

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Ring In the New…

The New Year is off to a wonderful start at Classic City Consignment. We had some challenging days and hours getting everything moved out of the Prince Avenue location by December 31 but we made it. Our new store on Old Epps Bridge Road has blossomed with the influx of new items—things from Prince Avenue look different here, reminding us that sometimes it just takes a slightly different perspective to see fresh possibilities we didn’t see before. We’ve had new consignments come in as well and lots of things have already gone out the door. All in all 2015 promises to be a busy and exciting year.

I am struck right now by the great selection of occasional and accent chairs in the store. The chair is one of the most elemental pieces of furniture—it’s hard to imagine designing almost any room without at least one. They are crucial for conversation groupings of course, but they can also provide an interesting accent or grace note in a corner, next to a fireplace, in an entry hall, or anywhere that needs a bit of interest or a spark of drama. A strategically placed period chair can complement more contemporary furniture as well.
For example, this Louis XV style armchair, covered in a classic needlepoint, would add a touch of elegance in a number of settings. Strategically placed by a mantle or window, or next to an occasional table, the chair with its timeless design “raises the tone” in a room.


This Victorian chair is another fun reminder of days gone by. The style, called Louis XV Revival, was popular in the 1840’s and 1850’s and evokes the days of hoop skirts, kerosene lanterns and high-ceilinged rooms. It’s more artefact than object and with its exuberance creates interest wherever it is placed.


These two painted Hepplewhite-style shield back chairs are striking. Painted furniture is all the rage right now and with these chairs it’s easy to see why. The paint highlights the shape and details and also provides the perfect background for an imaginative fabric choice. I love the fabric on these chairs but it would be easy to change to any number of flattering colors and designs.


There is also a pair of these amazing contemporary arm chairs. Designed to reference classic French design, they are completely modern in scale and comfort. These chairs require sufficient space in which to “breathe,” but they make a statement of substantial elegance. They would be perfect in one of today’s larger living rooms.


For a more early American feel, take a look at this lovely colonial revival ladder back chair with a rush seat. Its clean lines enable it to fit into a more contemporary aesthetic as well.


This classic chaise longue is another great type of seating. It would be perfect in a bedroom or boudoir, but could also work well in a sun room or TV room.


And finally, take a look at this fun retro corner chair, re-covered in a leopard print fabric. What a great way to introduce some whimsical glamor!


We are getting new things in every day, so stop by soon to see us in our expanded location on Old Epps Bridge Road. All my best wishes for a happy and prosperous 2015!



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Ring Out the Old!

What a memorable holiday season this has been! As we approach the winter solstice and the days draw in, the holiday lights sparkle and the festivities abound, Classic City Consignment has to face closing its original location on Prince Avenue. The timing could seem sad. For me however, while poignant, it is somehow meaningful and I have faith it is right. Growth is a necessary and welcome part of life. I knew many months ago that I could not continue “business as usual” at Prince Avenue. It was too heartbreaking to turn away wonderful things because I did not have room. Something had to change.

I considered many options, even that of taking on a “superstore”-type space with way too much overhead just to get the room I needed to expand. When the opportunity to move into the building on Old Epps Bridge Road came along, it was providential. I wouldn’t have to take on a huge space, sacrificing charm and the ability to build relationships in a more intimate setting, and with the ability to keep the original Prince Avenue location open, the capacity issues were solved.

But life is nothing if not about change. How often when things seem just about set, does something happen to “upset” them? And how often, when we look beneath the surface of what seems to be happening, do we find hidden dimensions and unexpected blessings? It was indeed providential that when suddenly faced with an unaffordable increase in rent, the Epps Bridge location was already open. The new location offers more ease of access and a larger space than the old. It has a loading dock, making it much easier to move things in and out. And for our customers, there’s no more having to back out into Prince Avenue traffic!  Are our capacity issues completely solved? No, but there’s always the possibility—and potential—that we will continue to expand when the right space comes along.

For right now, we are trying to sell down as much of the Prince Avenue inventory as possible. Hurry in before December 27 to take advantage of the incredible sale values on offer. There is no place else in Georgia where you could find this charming loveseat sofa right now at the price. The decorative pillows and table accessories would make wonderful gifts.


This lovely folding table with a lyre-shaped pedestal recalls Duncan Phyfe and would add grace and distinction in a foyer or living room.


These china cabinets are both available at unheard-of prices. If you’ve been thinking about adding a piece like this to your dining room, now’s the time!


This unusual arts-and-crafts style firescreen has holders for votive candles welded in the design, which makes it perfect for adding a touch of light and warmth to the fireplace at any time of year.


The tapestry pictured here is lovely. Wall hangings like this are wonderful alternatives to paintings and photographs for use over a buffet, behind a sofa or even over a bed.


There’s much, much more, so please come see us before December 27. Once these things move to the Old Epps Bridge Road store, they won’t be featured at the same prices.

It’s been a wonderful six years on Prince Avenue for Classic City Consignment. I could not have created the success we have had without our fantastic customers and our amazing consignors. I especially want to take this opportunity to thank the folks who help keep the doors open and the store running—Darrell, Donald, Marty and Paige—for their dedication and loyalty. To all, I wish the brightest and happiest holiday season. I look forward to seeing you at our new store on Old Epps Bridge Road in the New Year!



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Deck the Halls!

I love this time of year. Despite the sometimes rushed feeling the holidays can bring, there is magic in this season of sharing and goodwill. Tis the time for opening our homes to family and friends, for thinking of those we love close to us and far away, for remembering those who have passed on but remain in our hearts. In this spirit, I like to celebrate the holidays by decorating my home with objects and accents that are special to me. The wonderful thing about holiday decorating is that it is so personal.

Whether you love to go all out with a tree (or two or three!), garlands, wreaths, candles and accents galore, or prefer just a few cherished objects arranged in special places, it’s a wonderful time of year to make mantles, tables and sideboards come alive with things that betoken warmth and hospitality. And if you’re entertaining, nothing says “welcome” like beautiful serving pieces! Right now at Classic City Consignment, we have a number of high quality serving and decorating items I want to call your attention to. They offer an excellent way –at great value!—to enhance your holiday décor!

Take these silver serving pieces for example. There’s an open vegetable bowl, a handsome chased rectangular serving tray—perfect for meats or breads—a footed compote and a round flat serving tray. In addition, there are two sets of serving flatware—one in traditional style and one more contemporary. These can be used as salad servers or separated for use as vegetable serving spoons and cold meat forks.


This next grouping shows an elegant chafing dish and rectangular vegetable server—both perfect for buffets. There’s a turkey platter—also good for ham or roast beef—and a contemporary carving set. A set of a brand new cake knife and pie server are also on offer. Imagine these gleaming pieces on your table or sideboard!


For a different feel from silver, take a look at these lovely copper serving pieces. Nothing warms a kitchen like copper, and these days, when so much entertaining takes place in the kitchen, copper accents can add a lot. The copper chafing dish just says “Swedish Meatballs” to me—don’t know why! The decorative molds are designed for gelatins or mousses but could be used most inventively to serve from or to hold holiday arrangements. The serving flatware is both functional and decorative.


Of course, it’s also the season for festive beverages of all kinds. Crystal and glass decanters are a great way to serve any number of things, not just liquors or wines.   The same goes for pitchers, which don’t have to be used only for water. Think how your own special concoctions would sparkle in these lovely vessels!



A pretty ice bucket next to your glasses or decanters is practical and elegant. Arranged with some ice tongs and cocktail napkins, you can also wrap a decorative ribbon and bow around it to strike the perfect holiday pose.


Candlesticks are a hallmark of holiday decorating. They can be used in so many different ways—nestled among greenery, ribbons, or decorations such as tree ornaments—displayed in windows, on mantles, in front of mirrors. They invite our imaginations to see them twinkling in any number of places, and with the LED “flameless” candles available today can be used in locations where burning candles might not work. We have a number of beautiful candlesticks—some in pairs and some single—in both silver and brass.



Small, whimsical items can be especially wonderful in holiday decorating. Take this charming pair of Limoges salt cellars in the shape of swans. Perfect on a table set for four or six guests, they could also just glide among holiday greenery or grace a centerpiece.


Finally, take a look at these charming silver wine stems and small silver gadrooned serving tray. The perfect grace note for a sideboard or on a bar. They can’t help but look festive!


We have many more wonderful items to enhance your holiday decorating –or to use as gifts!  The collection changes daily, so come see us soon at both our locations—Prince Avenue and Old Epps Bridge Road. We look forward to wishing you “Happy Holidays!”



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Rugs, Rugs, Rugs!

Since the beginning of time, people have been weaving rugs to soften and warm floors. Over the centuries, different parts of the world have developed their own highly individual approach to crafting fine rugs. We think of course of Persia, India, France and China as centers of fine rug design and manufacturing, but the work of American Indians and other cultures have also come to be appreciated. Rugs can define spaces within rooms and help tie groupings of furniture together. They also still fulfill their original purpose—they warm up cold wooden, stone, tile or concrete floors! In addition they also work to soften and muffle sound—especially useful in these days of the large “open floor plan” house design.

We have a number of beautiful and interesting rugs at Classic City Consignment right now. Please note that the colors may appear slightly different in the photos so we are always more than happy to send rugs out on approval.

I’ll note first this striking 3.5 x 5.5 knotted green, blue and pink Persian-style rug. I call it “Persian Garden” for its highly refined design blending geometric and natural design elements. Perfect for an entry way or beside a bed, or as a center for small furniture grouping.


Next, take a look at this room-sized 9 x 14 dusty rose and cream Persian design with vines and flowers. It is perfect for a lady’s bedroom or a living area with light-colored furniture. This rug also has touches of blue and would serve well in a number of color schemes.


For a dramatic touch, think about the statement this striking 8 x 10 black rug with an Art Nouveau design would make. It would be the perfect complement in an entertainment area. It also seems to underlay perfectly the “Hollywood chaise” shown in the picture.


For a very different mood, this charming 6 x 9 needlepoint rug in the Aubusson style is also lovely. This beautiful example in muted tones of beige, cream and pink could be used in any number of ways! Versatility is always key.


This 5 x 8 knotted rug in brown, green and gold colors is extremely handsome and would look great in front of a desk, in a den or library, or in an entrance hall.


Another example—a 5 x 8 burnt orange and olive rug—has Turkish design elements. Again, the size is perfect for an entry way or a small grouping of furniture. The colors are very warm and inviting.


Finally, this 5 x 8 navy blue and cream rug in a very traditional Persian style creates instant richness in any setting and would be especially striking in a seating area.


In addition to the rugs I have highlighted we have many more rugs at both our Prince Avenue location and our Old Epps Bridge Road location. Come see them for yourself! We are always happy to have you.



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New Location, New Treasures!

It has been an exciting few weeks since we opened our new location at 230 Old Epps Bridge Road—right behind the McDonalds on Atlanta Highway, near the Alps Road/Hawthorne Street intersection. If you haven’t stopped by, plan to do so soon. We have lots of beautiful new items and great new space to display them!

I first want to call attention to two wonderful paintings by well-known artist Cecile Broz. Although “local” (Cecile lives near Stone Mountain), she has gained an international following and is well known and highly collectible. These oils on canvas seem to me to be inspired by Matisse and evoke the sunny and carefree Mediterranean coast. They represent the kind of original art that adds depth and presence when displayed in a room. They are treasures for sure.


As just one example of our new consignments, this sectional sofa made by Thomasville is fantastic. Covered in a handsome and durable bronze chenille, it would serve well in a living room or den, inviting you and your guests to enjoy its wonderfully comfortable seating.


If you’re in the mood to create some dramatic style, think about this gorgeous “Hollywood” chaise lounge. It can instantly give any space—bedroom, keeping room, den or TV room—a touch of glamour. In addition, it’s luxuriantly comfortable—the perfect place to recline with a book or magazine, or to watch TV.


This next collection is very special. Crafted from bamboo, I call it “Nouvelle Saigon,” because I think it conjures up both the elegance of the old Vietnamese capital and its modern, upbeat tempo. There are a table and buffet cabinet. This set would definitely create an Asian high style flair in a dining room. If you love the Asian influence in art and design, you need to see this for sure.


We have acquired another fabulous bar, this one in the Art Deco style. This bar would shout “martini” if it weren’t so sophisticated, so it whispers it instead. Imagine this in your den or recreational room, lending its dashing presence and inviting your guests to enjoy the finer things in life.


This new, never-used recliner, fully upholstered in dark rum leather, is stunning. It fully reclines, is incredibly comfortable and of course, very, very handsome. It has every high quality touch—even the lower back panel is leather, not fabric or vinyl.   And while I don’t usually discuss prices in my blog, I will say that this is priced for at least 50 percent less than a comparable new chair in a retail showroom. Perfect for watching the game!


Finally, I will just remind you that if you are looking for a quick and economical way to freshen a room, sometimes just changing a lampshade will do the trick. We have a variety of lampshades, some of them still unwrapped and all priced way below retail. You are welcome to bring your lamp in to try various ones. You might even realize that your current shade isn’t really right for the lamp, and that it’s been “hiding its light,” so to speak!


Be sure to visit us soon in BOTH of our locations to see all of our new pieces! As always, feel free to call the shoppe to further inquire about any of the items.



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Grand Opening of our SECOND Location!

Today I am excited to announce that Classic City Consignment, your upscale consignment boutique, is opening in a second location. Our new store, at 230 Old Epps Bridge Road (just behind the McDonalds on Atlanta Highway), takes over the space formerly operated by Gilbert Milner as an outlet for his estate sale business. This new location allows us to more than double our existing square footage, so we can offer greatly expanded display space for our consignors. Our original location at 1368 Prince Avenue in Normaltown will remain open for business as well.

Before our renovation of the Old Epps Bridge Road building:


Our Old Epps Bridge location now:


The opening of our second location marks an exciting moment for Classic City Consignment. The strength of the resale market for high-style furniture and accessories has never been stronger, and we will now serve the market with unparalleled capacity. Classic City Consignment fills a significant gap in the supply of quality home furnishings in terms of selection, price and geography. I love the fact that consignment offers people a wonderful way to move items they no longer want or need into a shoppe that allows beautiful and functional items to find new incarnations in the homes of new owners who will enjoy them.


Of course, I am always ready to help customers envision how items might function in their new environments. Our new Prince Avenue store manager Donald Seymour also has savvy eye for design. He’s a longtime resident of Normaltown and has a real sense of the aesthetic of the Normaltown and Boulevard neighborhoods. Having two locations will allow us to serve an even wider variety of tastes in home décor. After all, imagination is what consignment shopping is all about!


Classic City Consignment will be open at both locations, 1368 Prince Avenue and 230 Old Epps Bridge Road, Monday—Friday, 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Saturday at the new location 11:00 a.m.—3:00 p.m. Come see us at both places!



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The Season for American

There’s something about Fall that always seems to “feel” American—maybe it’s the holidays of the season. While we didn’t “invent” Halloween, we have certainly put our own particular spin on it, and Thanksgiving, of course, was created here.   There are some wonderful items in the shop right now that I think express the season of bounty beautifully. Take this Early American-inspired dining room suite. Finished in warm cherry, a favorite wood of colonial and early Federal times, it reflects the substance of its English heritage and the simplicity of execution found in furniture created in the colonies based on English patterns.


This would set the perfect stage for a Thanksgiving gathering, or any other gathering, with its warmth and expansive surface. There are six wonderful Windsor-style chairs, which also reflect the influence of English patterns on American furniture making.


Another wonderful piece that recalls our American heritage is this handsome cherry-finished Pie Safe. Originally designed to do just what the name suggests—keep pies safe from flies and perhaps, little hands—the cabinets had doors with, early on, perforated tin or metal fronts to allow air to circulate. Later examples can be found using fine mesh screens. This reproduction recalls early examples in a fine way and could also make a great addition to the dining room as a sideboard or buffet.


The next item I want to highlight, while probably English, is very much in the style of things that early settlers in this country liked to bring over from England or have copied here. Covered in a fanciful Jacquard woven print that really expresses “Autumn,” this settee would make the perfect accent piece in a den or keeping room, or in a man’s office or library.


As the season for entertaining is upon us, there are two other sideboards I want to call to your attention.

The first is an amazing creation in the Renaissance Revival style. This piece reproduces the carved furniture found in Northern Europe during the 15th and 16th centuries. While this style of furniture seldom found its way to the New World, it’s the kind of piece the Pilgrims would have been familiar with, especially as they spent some time in Holland before embarking for Massachusetts Bay. It’s large, measuring some seven and ½ feet long, by 43” high and 19” deep.


With handsome brass hardware and figures carved in bold relief on the storage space doors, this sideboard would make an impressive and dramatic addition to a dining room, or any room for that matter. These cabinets were designed for storage and this one offers plenty with two side storage spaces with shelves and four drawers.


The second sideboard is much smaller, measuring 50” long, 31” high and 20’ deep. It would be perfect for a more compact space and offers an expansive surface for serving as well as display or storage space underneath.   This one has lovely lines and would complement almost any style of furniture.


Finally, I want to point out a great sofa for a smaller apartment or condo. In a classic “Davenport” style, this sofa is covered in a beautiful and durable fabric—it’s perfect for that space that can’t handle the large, “oversized” sofas that we frequently see. It measures 70’ long by 39” inches deep. This one really has to be seen to be appreciated.


As always, things change at Classic City Consignment almost daily, so stop by soon to catch a glimpse of all we have in store!



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